Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:58pm

Anonymous said: Muaaah! I'll keep in touch. Iloveyou-

:* You better! Don’t leave me again -.- i love you too 

Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:56pm
I am not Mona Lisa, I won’t depend on any man to draw a smile on my face. I control my own brush and I’ll paint my own reality. Blank Expression, Val (via clothesmindedx3) Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:23pm

Anonymous said: Don't you dare cry! Crying is for boys! Lol

Happy tears you fool<3

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:56pm

Electric Daisy Carnival June 25th, 2010 

I was there &gt;.&lt;


Electric Daisy Carnival June 25th, 2010 

I was there >.<

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:30pm


Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:29pm

Anonymous said: I'm an old friend who hasn't forgot about you >.^. I still miss you :o haha love youuuu to the mooooon! I haven't forgot about you

If it’s who I’m thinking it is, I might cry a few happy tears (‘: 

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:28pm


Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:13pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:04pm

Anonymous said: You are a beauty >_< & I hope you don't forget that inside and out. Sometimes people come and stay or sadly leave out lives.. The ones we wished could have stayed didn't. But it's all for reason. They do teach us things, they teach us how to love. Love ourselves and show us our worth. You are worth more. :) love you

Thank you, you’re so nice :o<3 You love me, who are you? o.O

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:03pm

iwilltriumph said: Pretty and perfect. I hope to meet you one day Jasmine.

Aww thanks ^.^

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:01pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:29am
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Jasmine Sky<3

 ihate you -_- No Lie This Made Me Teary Eyed. :’/ BUT I Do Love You So Much<3

God, I miss you…

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:24am
Can I

Become friends with more of my followers, that end up being on the other side of the world and who we talk over messages for ages and then 2 or 3 years later we finally meet in person? I promise its the best thing ever and it’s possible. It changed my life without a doubt and now I have a best friend, new sister, soulmate from Australia ^_^

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:19am
Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:14am
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